“I discovered that, unknowingly, I had Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). Beneath the veneer of my generally calm exterior lay a history of childhood trauma, some of which I couldn’t even remember, and all unresolved. This prevented me from connecting to my wife and from connecting to myself, to knowing my essence. Until my past was unleashed and healed, I would remain deeply unsettled and disconnected. The worst part was I hurt people I love because of my inability to tolerate or sustain intimate relationships. “

About Mending My Mind

Sara appears to have everything it takes to be happy: a loving wife, a beautiful home and a successful biotech career. But inside, she’s battling a perplexing, self-destructive impulse that has driven her to sabotage relationships—including her marriage. Through a journey of self-exploration she discovers that, unknowingly, she is suffering from Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD), a condition caused by a series of events that occurred over an extended period of time. And it is preventing her from living a fulfilling life and connecting to her loved ones—and herself.

Mending My Mind gives readers an up-close, touching look at life with PTSD, its causes and the remedies that help.  As Sara seeks to heal and retrain her mind, she tries cutting-edge treatments and ancient approaches to overcome the emotional distancing that has shielded her from the pain of childhood trauma and the long-buried memory of witnessing a murder. As she begins to change her destructive patterns, she can at last live a more meaningful life.

This gripping, candid memoir provides hope and inspiration for those struggling with trauma, as well as valuable insights for all. 

Deliberate and analytical…. Strong and forthright…. Mending My Mind is a powerful memoir about childhood trauma, life-changing experiences in therapy, and becoming a purposeful mother.

Foreword Clarion Reviews

In Mending My Mind, Church relates her experiences and discoveries in a conversational and engaging fashion, and despite its weighty subject matter, it is a very quick and readable book. In highlighting how anyone can be affected by past trauma at any point it’s certainly no fairytale, but it is a tale of hope that shows the great determination that can be manifested in the face of significant challenges. It is likely to particularly speak to those with c-PTSD, and Church has included a list of resources that could prove helpful for those seeking to deal with their own trauma.

— City Book Reviews